GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.


GungHo Online Entertainment is a Japanese publishing company. It was initially founded on 1st July 1998 with the name ONSale Co., Ltd., as a joint venture between Softbank Corp. and onSale Inc. The name was changed to GungHo Online Entertainment in August 2002 along with a focus on running online game services. GungHo is especially known for operating the MMORPG Ragnarök Online.

The company owns a number of Japanese development studios:The company has also invested in G-Mode Co., Ltd. and Broccoli Co., Ltd..

In October 2005 the company established GungHo Mode, Inc. to run the portal site and for the distribution of its content. In October 2007 its own development studio GungHo Works, Inc. was established. In the US the company operates through GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc.

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