Hudson Soft Company, Ltd.


Hudson Soft Company was a Japanese game developer and publisher. They also developed video game peripherals and mobile content, and recorded music.

The company was founded on May 18th, 1973, by the brothers Yūji and Hiroshi Kudō. The company was named after Hudson locomotives due to its founders' love of trains. It was initially a shop called CQ Hudson, which sold radio telecommunications devices and art photographs. In September 1975 Hudson began focusing on computer-related products, and in March 1978 they started developing computer games. Most of their early titles had little success, but things changed with the release of Bomberman (1983), which eventually became one of their flagship series. Among their other popular franchises are Adventure Island, Bonk's Adventure, and Tengai Makyō series (developed in cooperation with RED Company).

The company was well-known for its shoot 'em ups, for which it arranged tournaments called carnivals each year. Albeit a strong supporter of Nintendo's Famicom, the company went on to develop the PC Engine together with NEC. In later years, the company has once more had strong bonds to Nintendo, developing a long series of titles in the Mario franchise.

By 2005, 54 percent of the company was owned by the Japanese games company Konami. In January 2011, Konami took a 100 percent stake and it closed the US publishing division Hudson Entertainment in February 2011.

On March 1, 2012, the company was officially merged with Konami Digital Entertainment and ceased to exist as a separate entity, only retaining its brand name.

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