Iceberg Interactive B.V.


Iceberg Interactive is a Dutch games publishing company formed in 2009. The company is staffed with a mix of industry veterans and upcoming young talent, has offices in key locations across Europe and has established partnerships all over the globe for both online and offline sales. Hence why Iceberg is a great alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

The company has the licenses for several console platforms yet currently focuses foremost on PC gaming. Iceberg is among the market leaders for the following niche genres for PC: simulators, adventure and action games.


Dark Matter(2013)
Adam's Venture: Trilogy(2013)
Real Heroes: Firefighter(2012)
Good Life: The Tropical Paradise Simulation, The(2012)
Tiny Troopers(2012)
Blades of Time(2012)
Endless Space (Emperor Edition)(2012)
Endless Space(2012)
SOL: Exodus (Collector's Edition)(2012)
Gemini Wars(2012)
Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon(2012)
Oil Rush(2012)
Adam's Venture: Episode 3 - Revelations(2012)
APB Reloaded(2011)
Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder(2011)
Revenge of the Titans(2011)
Armada 2526 Supernova(2011)
Adam's Venture: Episode 2 - Solomon's Secret(2011)
Starpoint Gemini(2011)
Trapped Dead(2011)
Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok(2011)
Tomb of Zojir: Last Half of Darkness(2010)
Ball, The(2010)
Global Agenda(2010)
Armada 2526(2010)
Airport Control Simulator(2010)
Wings of Prey(2010)
Wings of Luftwaffe(2010)
Zeno Clash(2010)
Ninja Blade(2010)
Still Life 2(2010)
Adventures in Terror: British Horror Collection(2009)
Dark Fall: Lights Out (The Director's Cut Edition)(2009)
Dark Fall: Lost Souls(2009)
Dracula Trilogy(2009)
Adam's Venture: Episode 1 - The Search for the Lost Garden(2009)
Syberia Collection(2009)


The company slogan is: Don’t just play, play it cool!

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