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Access Software was purchased by Microsoft as a direct result of the shift from DOS to Windows gaming. Prior to 1997, Access had been producing two golf simulators: Links – The Challenge of Golf and Microsoft Golf for Windows. When it was clear that future games would actually need to run from within Windows, Access was forced to terminate the agreement with Microsoft and focus on bringing out Links for Windows while Microsoft moved MS Golf for Windows to a new codebase. This move proved to be detrimental to both franchises. Shortly after, Microsoft acquired Access and ended the MS Golf franchise, making Links the de facto golf simulator for Windows.

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A persistent rumour has it that Access' buy-out by Microsoft had less to do with MS interest in their technology and employees and more to do with bringing under the same roof a source of confusion with the "Microsoft Access" relational database application -- in short, buying out the company for the sole purpose of being granted exclusive use to its name in a software context.

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Location and contact information in Nov. 1994:

Access Inc.
4910 W. Amelia Earhart Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Tel: 801-359-2900 / 800-800-4880

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