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Infocom, Inc.


Infocom was a runner-up in the "Best Programmer's 87" award category of German gaming magazine Power Play.

Contributed on Aug 09, 2011 by Patrick Bregger (115626)

Infocom wrote their adventure games in a script known as Z-code. The Z-code was written for a virtual machine that was written for each hardware platform, thus reducing the development of the game to one virtual platform.

A decade later, interpreters for the Z-code have been developed for Palm, Pocket PCs, Windows, and even Gameboy Advance. Its commonly refered to as a Frotz application, named after a character in Zork.

Contributed on Feb 06, 2006 by Scott Monster (924)

The number 69,105 was often used as an in-joke in their games.

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