Infogrames Entertainment SA

Historical Events

    Jun, 1983:


    • Infogrames begins exporting software to the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.
    • Infogrames adopts its infamous logo picturing a tattoo.



    Dec 16, 1993:

    • Infogrames is introduced to the stock exchange of Paris. The operation is a huge success, as people battle out to buy the 115,000 available shares initially priced at 162 FF (24.70€).





    • Infogrames acquires six companies: the Portuguese distributor ABS Multimedia, the Spanish distributor Arcadia, the Swiss distributor Game City, the French development studio Psygnosis, the British developer/publisher Gremlin, and the Australian distributor Ozisoft.


    Nov 15, 1999:

    • Infogrames Entertainment SA acquires for a total investment of $135 million a controlling stake in major American publisher GT Interactive Software Corp., including its seven internal development studios.

    Dec 06, 2000:

    • In a press release, it is announced that Infogrames would be acquiring Hasbro Interactive. Infogrames was set to purchase 100 percent of Hasbro Interactive's common stock, and as part of the purchase, would gain Hasbro's web portal and a long-term exclusive license to develop and publish games based on Hasbro properties. Infogrames' license on the Hasbro brands would run for 15 years, with an option for an additional five years based on performance. Among the properties changing hands as part of the deal were best selling game franchises like RollerCoaster Tycoon and Civilization as well as successful toy brands like Monopoly. The purchase price totals $100 million, $95 million in Infogrames SA share and $5 million in cash.

    Jan 29, 2001:

    • Infogrames completes the acquisition of Hasbro Interactive.


    May, 2002:

    Feb, 2006:

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