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International PC Owners


IPCO was a user group for IBM PC owners, operating out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and later Poland, Ohio, USA. The founders were two engineers and their wives, Jim and Cindy Cookinham and Steve and Windy Hart.

The group's selection of software - which covered business, science, graphics, education, utilities and games - was put together from user contributions. For an annual membership due ($15 within the US, $20 for Canada and $45 worldwide, as of 1982), IPCO members were eligible to participate in the group's software exchange: submit a program to the IPCO catalog, and receive a diskette with 4 free programs of your choice. The catalog included 80 programs as of early 1983, and over 175 by July that same year; by mid-1984 the count had grown to over 300 programs (selling for $3 per program or $6 per disk), plus 20 compilation disks ($15 each).

Other productions included the bimonthly "IPCO Info" newsletter, with information on PC hardware/software (including the emerging shareware/public domain arena), reader requests, tips, comments, and even gossip culled from BBS messages.


Company address and contact information as of 1982-3:

James B. Cookinham
IPCO, Inc.
P.O. Box 10426
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15234
(412) 561-1857
CompuServe: 71545467

As of 1984:

International PC Owners, Inc.
P.O. Box 5100
Poland, OH 44514

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