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Irrational Games is a development studio founded as Irrational Games LLC in 1997 by Ken Levine, Jon Chey and Robert Fermier. The original studio was located in Boston, MA (USA) and was dubbed Irrational Games Boston. In 2005 it was relocated to Quincy, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. In April 2000 an additional studio was established in Canberra, Australia: Irrational Games Australia.

The company initially focused on role-playing games. Irrational Games is known for such titles as System Shock 2, Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich, Tribes: Vengeance, and SWAT 4 and SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. The studio's most recent success is BioShock in 2007.

On 9th January 2006, the company was acquired by Take-Two Interactive.

On 10th August 2007, Take-Two Interactive announced that the US and Australian offices of the company had been renamed 2K Boston and 2K Australia respectively. From that moment the name Irrational Games is no longer used.

In December 2007 a third studio was established, 2K Marin, in Novato, California (USA). Initially it only consisted of five people from 2K Boston.

The original name eventually made a return when Game Informer reported on 8th January 2010 that the original name Irrational Games would be restored, to respect the studio's legacy.

Also Known As

  • 2K Boston, Inc (from Aug 10, 2007 to Jan, 2009)
  • Irrational Games LLC (from 1997 to Aug 10, 2007)


The German online magazine 4Players named 2K Boston as #3 Best Developer of 2007.

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