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JMG Software International was formed in 1982 to develop and publish software for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Microcomputer series. The main focus was on strategy games, with a basic wargame title called 'Battle of Zeighty', a simple arcade maze-game called 'Exterminate', and their flagship product, an economic/political/military strategy game called 'Supreme Ruler'.

A sequel, 'Supreme Ruler Plus', was released in 1983. JMG also began to sell products from other developers via its mail order operations, becoming the largest reseller of TRS-80 software outside of Radio Shack itself by 1985 (according to market share reviews by 80Micro magazine).

By the late 1980's the TRS-80 system was in decline due to the increasing dominance of the IBM PC, and JMG move on to run local retail and distribution operations, and develop non-gaming software for the Atari ST computer.

In 2000, two of the owners of JMG Software International, David Thompson and George Geczy, created a new company, BattleGoat Studios, to continue the Supreme Ruler license and create a new version for modern Windows PCs. The result of this was Supreme Ruler 2010, released in May 2005.


Supreme Ruler Plus(1983)


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