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Kalisto Entertainment SA

Historical Events

    Oct, 1990:

    • The company was formed under the name Atreid Concept by Nicolas Gaume in France.


    • The company set up its own distribution label called Kalisto.

    Oct, 1994:

    • The company joined the Pearson Group working as a development studio for Mindscape, Inc.


    • Atreid Concept changed its name to Mindscape Bordeaux.

    Nov, 1996:

    • Original founder, Nicolas Gaume, buys the company back and it is officially renamed Kalisto Entertainment.

    Jun, 2000:

    • The company acquires DayLight Productions through a stock swap and renames it Kalisto Entertainment USA Inc.

    Apr, 2002:

    • The company files for bankruptcy.
    Company history contributed by B.L. Stryker (20701), Freeman (21660) and Jeanne (75467)