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Kheops Studio


Kheops Studio is a video game development company established in September of 2003 in Paris, France, and co-founded by Benoît Hozjan and Stéphane Petit.

The company is best known for their PC adventure games which contain historical and cultural themes and elements.

The company's latest project is the episodic adventure The Fall Trilogy. The first, Chapter 1 - Separation was released in December 2009. The final two chapters are in development with expected release in 2010. The company was closed circa January 2012


Contact information in 2004:

Kheops Studio
Paris Cyber Village
101, 103 bd Mac Donald
75019 Paris
Tél. +33(0)
Fax. +33(0)
Website: http://www.kheops-studio.fr/

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