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Kiloo ApS


There is no overview on file.


Subway Surfers(2012)
Jupiter Lander(2008)
BIONICLE Defenders(2008)
LEGO BIONICLE Challenge(2007)
Terminator Revenge(2006)
Apocalypse 3000(2004)
Hugo: Black Diamond Fever(2004)
Hugo: Black Diamond Fever 2(2004)
Alltime Ski Jumping(2004)
Hugo Goes Fishing(2003)
Hugo: Follow the Monkey(2003)
Hugo in the Xmas Snow(2003)
Hugo in the Snow(2003)


Location & contact information (August 2008):

Kiloo ApS
Studsgade 7, 2nd floor
DK-8000 Aarhus C
VAT-number: 26 42 94 63

Phone number: (+45) 86 122 234
Fax: (+45) 86 122 257
For mobile related inquries please mail: [email protected]
For general inquries please mail: [email protected]

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