Konami Corporation

Historical Events

    Mar, 1969:

    • Kagemasa Kozuki (current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer) founded a jukebox rental/repair business in 148, Kozushima, Toyonaka City, Osaka.

    Mar 19, 1973:

    Jan, 1979:

    • Started to export products to the US, paving the way for future expansion overseas.

    Oct, 1982:

    • Started to manufacture and sell software for the PC market.

    Nov, 1982:

    Nov, 1983:

    • Began development and sales for the MSX line of PCs.

    Jun, 1984:

    • Konami Limited (currently Konami Corporation of Europe B.V.) was established in the U.K.

    Dec, 1984:

    Apr, 1985:

    • KONAMI began the manufacture and sales of game software for the Nintendo Famicom.


    • Company creates a subsidiary video game company called Ultra to get around Nintendo's harsh licensing rules.

    Jun, 1991:

    • The Company's name was changed from Konami Industry Co., Ltd. to Konami Co., Ltd.

    Sep, 1994:

    Apr, 1995:

    Apr 03, 1995:

    Dec, 1995:

    Apr, 1996:

    Mar, 1997:

    Jun, 1999:

    Jul, 2000:

    Feb, 2001:

    • The company acquires People Co., Ltd., which a few months later changes name into Konami Sports Corporation.

    Oct, 2001:

    Feb, 2003:

    • For its 30th anniversary, Konami adopts a new brand logo.

    Apr, 2005:

    Apr 11, 2005:

    • The company becomes the new majority stockholder of Hudson Soft as they raise their shares from 45% to 54%.

    Jun, 2005:

    Oct, 2005:

    Apr 21, 2006:

    • Konami first became involved with movie production with the release of the 2006 film Silent Hill based heavily upon the Silent Hill franchise thanks to the involvement of Konami's Team Silent.

    Aug 02, 2006:

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