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Kraisoft Entertainment


[Source: http://www.kraisoft.com/company/]

Founded in 1998 by Vadim Khrulyev, CEO, KraiSoft Entertainment had quickly become a solid team of software engineers, writers, artists and musicians consolidated by the idea of bringing cutting-edge computer entertainment to life. Six years of corporate evolution followed which made a valuable result: seven best-selling game releases, a number of freeware products and several projects currently in development. Along with a huge experience gained in online distribution, we've now entered into negotiations with several major software publishers in order to start retail distribution of our products. We also got our games published on lots of compilation CDs (including Activision Great Games compilation) and computer magazine cover-CDs (including PC Magazine CD).


Brain Puzzles 2(2009)
After the End(2004)
Alien Sky(2004)
Trash Killer(1999)


Company location & contact information (ca 2005):

KraiSoft Entertainment
3615 Oakwood Trail
Allentown PA 18103 USA
Phone & Fax: (610) 776-1002
Website: http://www.kraisoft.com/

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