Kuju Entertainment Ltd.


Kuju Entertainment is a European games group. The company has been developing PlayStation 2 technology since September 1999 and Xbox specific code since April 2000. Kuju was started after a management buyout of Simis Limited from Eidos in March 1998. It was originally an umbrella brand that housed two labels: Simis for flight sims and Glass Ghost for more mainstream games. Later Kuju became the main company and development studio, and the two labels disappeared.

Kuju Entertainment PLC is the main name of the holding, while Kuju Entertainment Ltd. is considered one of the development studios, which was later diversified. The company currently consists of the following studios:Former studiosKuju was also active in the mobile industry, but Kuju Wireless Publishing was taken over in December 2005 and is now known as Finesse Mobile Limited.

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