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Larian Studios


Larian Studios is a Belgian game development studio founded in 1996 and the only high profile developer in the country. Located in Oudenaarde, they have released many software products.

Their first game was the real-time strategy title The L.E.D. Wars (1997). This was a project they used for short-term finance to convince publishers of their dedication in order to promote the large project they were working on: LMK. They released the isometric RPG in 2002 with the title Divine Divinity, followed shortly by the sequel Beyond Divinity (2004).

Next, they created the PC2TV game KetnetKick (2004) where children could create content that was displayed on the national children's channel Ketnet. It was later also adapted as the BBC children's MMO Adventure Rock for the British market. In October 2008 an updated version called KetnetKick 2 was released based on the same concept.

The company's latest title is the third instalment in its most important franchise, Divinity II: Ego Draconis (2009).

In January 2012 founder Swen Vincke said in an interview that all new Larian titles would be self-published, started with Dragon Commander.


Location and contact information in 2009:

Larian Studios
Doorn 17 bis
B-9700 Oudenaarde
Tel: +32 (0)55 23 99 17
Email: [email protected]

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