Legacy Interactive Inc.


Legacy Interactive is a dynamic leader and seasoned innovator in the world of casual gaming. Entertaining customers since 1998, the company has built a reputation for developing intelligent, realistic, and engaging games for a broad audience. Located in Los Angeles, Legacy has introduced entirely new interactive genres such as TV drama games, medical and vet simulations, and downloadable episodic games. Legacy is well-known for its Law & Order and Apprentice games, as well as for the popular Emergency Room, Zoo Vet and Pet Pals: Animal Doctor games. Most recently released was the sequel to Zoo Vet, Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals, where you can explore and operate on exotic animals and Farm Vet is soon to be released, where the player can navigate through a 3D real time world of life on farm.

Ariella Lehrer, a 24-year veteran in interactive entertainment and education, leads Legacy's management team. A mother of four, with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, Ariella has been an avid casual game player her entire life. Legacy's talented development team is led by Dr. Craig Brannon, a self-proclaimed "puzzle guru" with 15 years of design and production experience in games with mass-market appeal.

Legacy has ongoing strategic partnerships for distribution, marketing and content with well known companies such as Vivendi Games, Mark Burnett Productions, Universal, Ubisoft, Mindscape, Majesco, Scholastic, and Prentice Hall, as well as all the major downloadable game portals, such as Yahoo, Shockwave, RealArcade, Oberon, Big Fish Games, Reflexive, Trymedia, iWin, Wild Tangent, and others. We appreciate and value all of our partners who help us do what we do best: create great games for the mass market.

About Legacy Games Legacy Games is an innovative new game portal, developed by the leader in Real Life GamesĀ®, Legacy Interactive. Legacy Games offers more than 500 downloadable games for casual gamers, available on a "try before you buy" basis. Featuring convenient "one-stop shopping", Legacy Games updates its site daily with new games and user-generated reviews and ratings. The daily update is also available via a customizable newsletter (17,000 subscribers strong) and RSS feed.

Legacy Games continues to innovate, pioneering the use of new and exciting community tools to bring Legacy gamers together. There are many ways for players to personalize their experience on the site. Reviews, ratings, playlists and downloaded games are automatically appended to each member's personal "my games" page, making it easier to keep track of their activities on the website. Add friends you know or make new ones through mutually loved games.

Another pioneering feature of LegacyGames.com is its community game review blog. Legacy customers receive $25 for each blog posted. You won't find funnier or more honest casual game reviews on the web!

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