Legend Entertainment Company


Legend Entertainment Company was a Northern Virginia-based developer started in 1989 by Bob Bates and Mike Verdu. Their early games were illustrated text adventures. In 1993, they broke from the text tradition with Companions of Xanth which was their first game to feature a point-and-click interface.

Since around 1993-1994 they have used different distributors for each game. If nothing else is noted below, they have distributed the game themselves.

In spite of their relative success up to fall 1995, they decided to stop publishing games themselves but instead focus on doing development work for other companies.

Then in 1999, Legend was acquired by GT Interactive. GT was subsequently acquired by Infogrames, which changed its name to Atari.

Atari closed Legend Entertainment in late 2003, after the Unreal II: eXpanded MultiPlayer add-on had been released.

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