Lexis Numérique SA


Lexis Numérique was a French studio founded in 1990. The headquarters were based in Champs-sur-Marne with an additional studio in Marseille. It was established as a family-owned company co-founded by Éric Viennot, Marie Viennot-Sanchis, and José Sanchis. The studio was involved with web design, videos, digital signage, 3D and game development. In 2005 Paul Cuisset established the game development studio VectorCell together with Lexis as a sister studio. Lexis also held shares in another sister company, Les Tanukis. It specializes in online, mobile and TV production.

Its first game release was L'Album Secret de l'Oncle Ernest (Uncle Albert's Magical Album) in 1998. Initially focusing on children's games and licensed titles, the company branched out in 2003 towards mature audiences with the release of Missing (In Memoriam) in 2003.

The studio was liquidated in June 2014.


Lexis's south french studio closed in 2012.

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