Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing BV


Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing was a Netherlands-based international video game publishing company with offices in Montreal, Toronto and London, England. The company was founded in August 2005 by Erik Schreuder and Steve Wall.

Important games published by the company are Keepsake, Sword of the Stars and WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger. The general focus was on adventure titles and strategy games. The company also managed the Ship Simulator series.

In April 2008 SilverBirch, Inc. announced that it would be acquiring Lighthouse as its first step in building an integrated video company. Near the end of 2008 Lighthouse was hit by a double setback. Mother company SilverBirch had financial trouble and the trade of stock was halted in December. In the same month, Lighthouse's UK distribution partner Pinnacle Software Ltd filed for bankruptcy. On 23rd March 2009 Lighthouse sent out a press release that it had been officially declared bankrupt.

The rights to the then upcoming strategy game East India Company had already been sold to Paradox Interactive, and VSTEP, the studio behind the Ship Simulator series, got back the rights to the games.

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