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Lionhead Studios Ltd.


LionHead Studios was founded by Peter Molyneux, Mark Webley, Tim Rance and Steve Jackson in July 1997, coming from Bullfrog Productions. The company is headquartered in Surrey, England.

Around 2000, the company started offering companies to become a Lionhead satellite studio, to work on games under guidance of Lionhead as a main company:So far, the company has worked with three franchises: the strategical god games in the Black & White series, the Fable RPGs, and the creative film industry simulation The Movies.

On 6th April 2006, the company was acquired by Microsoft Game Studios. Since then, the Fable franchise has been continued with Fable II in October 2008.

In January 2012 CTO Tim Rance left the company to establish the game development studio 22 Cans. In March of that year Peter Molyneux announced to follow him there. They work together with Peter Murphy, who also was with Lionhead until around 2008.


The logo was designed by Evie Mclaughlin, the wife of Art Lead Paul Mclaughlin at the company.

They came up with the name Lionhead because it was the name of Mark Webley's hamster; which died one week before the company was founded.

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