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Marvelous Interactive, Inc.


Pack-In-Video was originally established on March 3, 1970 as a joint venture between Nihon Victor and Tokyo Broadcasting to produce home and TV video content.

Pack-In-Video entered the games market in 1985, operating independently of another Victor subsidiary, Victor Musical Industries. The company initially focused on the MSX computer, but later expanded to the Famicom and a variety of other platforms. Early releases tended to be based on TV or movie licenses, but gradually shifted to original franchises by the early '90s. Pack-In-Video also operated a small studio called Yuu Yuu in the early '90s.

In October 1996, Victor consolidated the games operations of Victor Entertainment into Pack-In-Video, and the new company was renamed Victor Interactive Software. The new company continued to use the Pack-In-Soft brand name for a few years after the change. They would become well-known for their Harvest Moon franchise.

Victor left the games industry in 2003, and Victor Interactive was acquired by Marvelous Entertainment in March of that year. The company was renamed Marvelous Interactive, and all of Marvelous' game operations were consolidated into the newly-acquired company. However, Marvelous Interactive would be merged into its parent company four years later, and ceased to exist as a separate entity on June 30, 2007.

Also Known As

  • Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd (from Aug 03, 1970 to Sep 30, 1996)
  • Victor Interactive Software, Inc. (from Oct 01, 1996 to Mar 30, 2003)



Yebisu Garden Place Tower
27F, 4-20-3, Ebisu
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6027

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