Historical Events



    • Known as a developer for a long time, Microids decides to expand through publishing and distribution.


    • Microïds merges with MC2, becoming MC2-Microïds

    Sep 30, 2003:

    • Microids acquires the games subsidiary of Wanadoo, making Wanadoo a 12% shareholder of Microids. Microïds now owns Wanadoo's complete catalog.

    Mar 02, 2005:

    • Games publisher and developer Ubisoft acquires Microïds' Canadian development operations and merges them into the Ubisoft Montreal branch.

    Nov 28, 2007:

    • The relaunch of the Microïds label is announced.

    Oct 20, 2008:

    • The company acquires the intellectual rights to all of the former Cryo Interactive video games catalogue as well as all of the Cryo brands.
    Company history contributed by Paul Budd (403), Xoleras (66885) and Jeanne (76593)