MECC (the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium) started as a state agency. Minnesota had bought lots of Apple computers and created this agency to write educational computer software for the Apple II throughout the '80s. The software was given away to schools in Minnesota and elsewhere in the country. This prompted many schools to buy Apples (besides ones that were donated in a big tax write-off by Apple itself). As a result, lots of Apple II-series computers were used for a long time in elementary schools and MECC became instrumental in Apple getting a hold on the educational market.

When the company separated itself from the state of Minnesota, the name was changed to Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation. MECC was a publisher and distributor of high-quality educational software for children.

In May, 1996 MECC was acquired by SoftKey International Inc. which in return was acquired by The Learning Company, Inc. in October 24, 1996. The Learning Company - Minneapolis was closed in 1999.

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