Meridian4, Inc.


Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada.


Iron Storm(2014)
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon(2014)
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary(2014)
Dracula: The Resurrection(2014)
Dracula Trilogy(2014)
Syder Arcade(2013)
Stellar Impact(2012)
Stellar Impact Bundle(2012)
Stellar Impact: Support Ship(2012)
PAM: Post Apocalyptic Mayhem - Chaos Pack(2011)
Wasteland Angel(2011)
Scratches (Director's Cut)(2011)
Murder Mystery Collection(2011)
PAM: Post Apocalyptic Mayhem(2011)
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes(2010)
ArmA II: Combined Operations(2010)
Chrome SpecForce(2010)
Chrome + Chrome SpecForce(2010)
Greed: Black Border(2010)
Haunted Collection(2010)
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches (Premium Edition)(2010)
Crash Time II(2009)
Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge(2009)
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals(2009)
Rainbow Web 2(2009)
Echelon: Wind Warriors(2009)
Big Rig Europe(2009)
Larva Mortus(2009)
Meridian4 Complete Pack(2008)
Gumboy Pack, The(2008)
Space Trader(2008)
Tank Universal(2008)
Pacific Storm(2008)
WWI: The Great War(2008)
Midnight Nowhere(2008)
Battle Mages(2008)
Operation: Matriarchy(2008)
Legendo's The Three Musketeers(2008)
Shadowgrounds Bundle-Pack(2008)
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine(2008)
R.I.P.: Strike Back(2008)
Shadowgrounds Survivor(2007)
Alpha Prime(2007)
Chosen: Well of Souls, The(2007)
Vigil: Blood Bitterness(2007)

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Corporate Headquarters (2005-Present):

124 Meridian
Kirkland, Quebec
Canada H9H 4A3

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