MicroLeague Multimedia, Inc.


Microleague Multimedia Inc. was founded in 1989 as MicroLeague Sports Association in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company's main manufacturing, assembly and packaging facilities were located in Newark, Delaware, while their headquarters remained in Pennsylvania.

During its history, Microleague established itself as one of the primary publishers of sports simulation games. Additionally, the company had a short-lived development stint. During that time the horseracing sims Quarterpole and Hooves of Thunder! were released.

Acquisitions of other companies added a wider range of products to Microleague's portfolio and made it possible for the company to release games under various brands. Known brands under the Microleague banner included:
  • APBA - board and computer sports sim games

  • General Admission - budget priced label

  • Sept. 1995 - AbleSoft, Inc. acquired adding Teacher's Toolbox (productivity software) and the brand AbleSoft

  • Rabbit Ears - a family oriented video and literature producer acquired (date not known)

  • Oct. 1996 - Micro Sports Inc. was acquired including their Sports Illustrated license and their "Sports Illustrated Presents" label. This resulted in the new brand MicroLeague Sports.

  • June 1997 - California children's edutainment distributor KidSoft LLC was acquired.

In December 1997, Microleague filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. Approximately a year later it emerged under the name of AbleSoft. Norman Some, consultant during the final days of Microleague, became the new AbleSoft CEO. AbleSoft is still operating (as of 2008) and has continued to upgrade and enhance its Teacher's Toolbox product line over the years.

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