Microsoft Corporation

Historical Events

    Apr 04, 1975:

    Nov, 1976:

    • Microsoft became a registered trademark.



    • Microsoft Windows was shown to the world for the first time.


    • Microsoft offered its first shares to the public market at $21. By the end of the first day of trading, stock prices were up to $28.

    Jun, 1995:

    • The company establishes the Japanese venture GameBank Corp. with Softbank Corp., to market the Windows 95 operating system as a platform for computer games.

    Apr 20, 1998:

    Dec 05, 2000:

    Nov, 2001:

    • Microsoft release the X-Box, their first home entertainment console, along with 1st person shooter Halo.

    Sep 24, 2002:

    • Microsoft buys the game developer Rare.
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