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Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.


In February 1999 Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. was founded in the United Kingdom as a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based video game publisher Midas Interactive Entertainment BV as a marketing and publishing company. The company was part of what was collectively called the MiDAS Interactive Entertainment Group.

Evidently the corporate structure of "the Group" changed in about 2001 when press releases reported it had been "newly formed" in the United Kingdom. Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. was listed as the new headquarters for the conglomerate and the publishing arm for the group.

Midas has become a well-known, worldwide publisher with hundreds of games in its repertoire. The company continues to publish games under its most lucrative brand, Pocket Price, and has introduced several additional brands in recent years.

Known Midas Companies & Subsidiaries (list probably incomplete):
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. (UK) - Corporate Licensing, Sales and Marketing; oversees French, Japanese & US sales
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment BV. (Holland) - the bulk of International sales plus central European manufacturing, warehousing & distribution
  • Midas Computer Games GmbH (Soest, Germany) - publishing & distribution in Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment GmbH (Kaarst, Germany)
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment Pty (Queensland, Australia) - publishing & distribution in Pacific Rim & Asian territories
  • Midas Baltics (Lithuania) - houses mobile Research & Development studio, Midas Mobile Entertainment (MME), Mobile Products (MME)
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment Tna Inc. (Nanaimo, British Columbia)
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment (Na) Inc. (Gabriola, British Columbia)
  • Interactive Entertainment Ltd. - UK studio for racing games; a wholly owned subsidiary
  • Midas Sport Ltd. - founded in 2000
As of July 2007 Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. (along with publisher Ghostlight Ltd. and the development & testing studio Laughing Jackal Ltd.) became part of the holding company Majesty House.


Company location (2008):

Midas Interactive
Majesty House Bldg
Avenue West
Skyline 120
Great Notley, Braintree, CM77 7AA
United Kingdom

Company location and contact information (from 2002 - December 2007):

MiDAS Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Unit 14
Stansted Distribution Centre
Start Hill
Bishops Stortford
Hertfordshire CM22 7DG
United Kingdom
Website: www.midasinteractive.com

Company location and contact information (2000):

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Tunwells Court, 34 Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1QY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1223 363 000
Fax: +44 (0)1223 312 000
Website: www.midasinteractive.co.uk

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