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Mindscape SA

Historical Events


    • Mindscape, Inc. founded in Illinois

    Jan 13, 1987:

    • The company announces the acquisition the educational software product line of Learning Well, a closely held multi-media publisher located in Roslyn, New York.

    Apr 11, 1988:

    • Roger T. Young is appointed as the company's Executive Vice President.


    Mar, 1990:

    Apr 08, 1994:

    Oct, 1994:

    Sep 07, 1995:

    Jan, 1996:

    May, 1996:

    Dec 13, 1996:

    • The Mindscape Games (www.mindscapegames.com) website launched.

    Mar 06, 1998:

    Apr 16, 1998:

    • The Learning Company completes the acquisition with the purchase of all Mindscape stock for $150 million.

    Oct 19, 2000:

    • Mindscape is acquired by the Gore Technology Group as part of the Mattel sale of The Learning Company.

    Oct 10, 2001:

    • Jean-Pierre Nordman buys the European, Asian and Australian subsidiaries of The Learning Company from the Gore Technology Group and renames it Mindscape SA.

    Apr, 2002:

    • Mindscape purchases Montparnasse Multimedia.

    Jul, 2003:

    • The company acquires Alsyd, a French publisher of professional and practical life CDs.


    Nov, 2006:

    • The company acquires OpenMind International, a Paris, France-based publisher of language products.

    Dec, 2007:

    • The company becomes a publicly listed company on France's Alternext stock market.

    Jan 31, 2008:

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