Mindware Corp.


MNM Software was established in 1987 by Mikito Ichikawa, who decided to start his own company after meeting with developers at Artdink. The company produced numerous original titles for Japanese PCs and consoles, often creating unique and inventive titles in keeping with Ichikawa's own belief in the strength of original games.

MNM ceased operation in 1993 due to Ichikawa having serious health problems, but resurfaced in 1995 as Mindware after his recovery. However, the company stopped making games shortly thereafter, as Ichikawa had become disillusioned with the creative state of the industry. Mindware would finally return to video games after the launch of the DS and the Wii, their first new title being MaBoShi's Arcade.

In addition to their video game work, Mindware is also one of the only Japanese companies still involved with pinball, designing and leasing pinball machines as well as holding the annual Flip-Out pinball tournament.

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