Most Wanted Entertainment Kft.


Most Wanted Entertainment (MWE) is a game development studio founded at the end of 2005 in Budapest, Hungary. The major owner of the studio was the Dutch game publishing company HD Interactive B.V. The opening of the studio was announced on 4th April 2006 and the managing director is Zsolt Tátrai.

It consists largely of a number of employees who formerly worked at Mithis Games, which was acquired by Eidos in 2006. In May 2004 several developers of Stormregion Szoftverfejlesztő had joined Mithis to work on Joint Task Force. Since HD had the publishing rights to the game, it backed the establishment of a new studio before the Eidos takeover where the game could be completed. HD Publishing went out of business around 2008 and Now Entertainment continued on its own.


Garfield Kart(2015)
Hollywood Fame: Hidden Object Adventure(2015)
Best of Casual Games(2015)
Thunder Wolves(2013)
Defenders of Ardania(2012)
Max & the Magic Marker(2011)
Call of Atlantis(2010)
Mechanic Master(2008)
Joint Task Force(2006)
Magnetic Joe(2006)


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