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Motorsport Simulations, Inc.


Motorsims was formed in the Summer of 1997 in Las Colinas, Texas, with a specific focus: to create, develop and publish immersive, accurate and entertaining computer simulations for the motorsport enthusiast.

Founded by Internet gaming pioneer Bob McCarthy, Motorsims will offer a variety of popular motorsport racing products for standalone and online play. The company has already signed long-term, exclusive contracts to develop properties based on a number of racing events sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing (American Motorcyclist Association)and the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association). The company began by launching an Internet and a retail box version of AMA Superbike in 1999, and followed up with a number of successful games modeled after NHRA Drag Racing.

Bringing together the best physicists, artists, designers and programmers, Bob McCarthy has built a team of game designers who understand racing, understand Internet gaming and understand the will to win. As the former chairman of Interactive Creations Inc., McCarthy was instrumental in the success of the popular online flight simulation Warbirds, and brings with him a wealth of experience in both the gaming and financial worlds.


Company location (ca 1999):

Motorsims, Inc.
100 Royal Lane #130
Irving, Texas 75039
United States
Phone: (972) 910-8866

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