Moving Imagem e Editora Ltda.


Moving Imagem e Editora Ltda. is a Brazilian company founded in April, 1993 by Plinio Figueiredo and Iamara Sarkovas.

Their first product was the "Serpentes Brasileiras" (The Snakes of Brazil) CD-ROM, the first Brazilian CD-ROM in the genre, released after in many parts of the world.

Besides being the exclusive distributor of Atari for Brazilian market, it also distributes games published by THQ, DreamCatcher, Monte Cristo, Buka, Davilex, Nobilis, among others.

By its magazines Revista CD-ROM Criança and Revista FullGames, Moving also distributes covermount games published by Disney, Vivendi Universal, Ubisoft, THQ, among others.


Last known contact info (2006):

Rua Tabapuã, 821 Cj. 14
São Paulo – SP

+55 (11) 3708-1300

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