Muse Software


Muse software was initially founded in 1978 by Ed Zaron for publishing games for Apple computers. They also developed non-game software for the Apple computers and other computers in the 1980's. MUSE Software declared bankruptcy in 1986, and was purchased in its entiriety by a Company named Variety Discounters, located in Mt Airy, MD. The Company was sold by Variety Discounters in 1988 to Jack L. Vogt, who continued to operate the Company which was then located in Monrovia, MD.

They are better known for initially developing the game Castle Wolfenstein, and the sequel Beyond Castle Wolfenstein.

NOTE FROM OWNER OF MUSE SOFTWARE COMPANY: ID Software did not buy or otherwise obtain the rights to Castle Wolfenstein or Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. ID Software. All rights to all MUSE Software products were then and remain now the sole property of Jack L. Vogt, Owner of MUSE Software Company.

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