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MVP Software


MVP Software was founded in 1985 as a hobby by Dave Snyder, the owner of the company. In the early years Dave wrote software for the Sanyo 550 series of computers and sold it directly to Sanyo users through magazine advertisements, reviews, and word of mouth. In 1987 MVP began publishing the work of others who had written software for the Sanyo.

By 1991 MVP was growing, and Dave began to work with the company full-time. It was also during that year that the company came to be recognized as a publisher of shareware games for the PC.

Since 1991 MVP has released many shareware games, and since 1992 it has developed many retail games. The company is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Puzzle & Word Games(2003)
Rings of the Magi v2.0(2001)
3D Caveman Rocks(2001)
3D Dragon Castle(2001)
Microsoft Plus! Game Pack: Cards & Puzzles(2000)
MVP Solitaire: Clubs Edition(2000)
Real Deal 2, The(1999)
3D Astro Blaster(1999)
MVP Mancala(1998)
MVP Bridge Deluxe for Windows (1998)
MVP Checkers(1998)
Hearts Deluxe(1997)
MVP Cribbage Deluxe(1997)
MVP Backgammon(1996)
MVP Word Search for Windows(1996)
Everest: The Iceman's Apprentice(1996)
MVP Spades Deluxe(1996)
Sea School(1996)
Home Run Derby(1995)
Jack Flash(1995)
Rings of the Magi: Grand Master Edition(1995)
Thor's Hammer(1995)
Cargo Bay Deluxe(1995)
Crusade in Space(1995)
Pickle Wars(1994)
MVP Bridge(1994)
Arcy 2(1994)
Corncob Deluxe(1994)
Desert Storm Command Deluxe(1994)
King Arthur's K.O.R.T(1994)
3 Point Basketball(1993)
All Games(1993)
Sand Storm: The Championship Version(1992)
Hoosier City(1992)
Rapid Response(1992)
Corncob 3-D: The Other Worlds Campaign(1992)
Facing the Empire(1991)
Robomaze III: The Dome(1991)
RoboMaze II: The Lobby(1991)


Company location (2009):

MVP Software
1035 Dallas SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407
United States
Phone: 616-831-7981
Toll-free: 1-800-968-9684
Website: www.mvpsoft.com

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