Nitro Games Ltd.


Nitro Games Ltd. is a Finnish game development studio founded in 2007. The studio is part of the Nitro group, is a subsidiary of Nitro FX Ltd. and has offices in Kotka and Helsinki. Previously (confirmed in 2006), the studio was already active as Encore Games, also as a subsidiary of Nitro FX. The company's first title, East India Company, was released in July 2009.


Alan Wake's American Nightmare(2012)
Alan Wake(2012)
Alan Wake (Collector's Edition)(2012)
Pirates of Black Cove(2011)
Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie Pirates(2010)
Commander: Conquest of the Americas(2010)
East India Company(2009)


Contact information (July 2009):

Kotka Office
Datariina, Heikinkatu 7
48100, Finland
Phone: +358 207 299 299
Fax: +358 207 299 220

Helsinki Office
Arabianranta 6
00560, Finland
Phone: +358 207 299 299
Fax: +358 207 299 220

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