Nomad Games Ltd.


Nomad Games is a game development studio based in Lymm, Cheshire (UK). It was established following the closure of THQ Digital Studios UK in June 2012 and it is now based in a picturesque village. It was established by Don Whiteford, co-founder of Juice Games before it became THQ Digital Studios UK and also its studio director, along with Matt Draper, Rob Anderson, Carl Jackson and Andrew Bate who all worked at the studio. Nomad Games has forged strong links with Games Workshop and is currently working on PC and mobile versions of the seminal Fantasy Board Game, Talisman. On the Apple store, a Prologue version of this game achieved number 1 in category in 27 countries and reached top ten position in over 120 countries. The studio is readying its next major release in the series and also hopes to get through the Steam Greenlight process.

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