Octopi, Inc.


Located in Tucson, Arizona (US), Octopi, Inc. (also listed as Octopi, LLC) has been active in interactive media since 1998. The company has created games for Nokia, Paramount Pictures, EA's Pogo, GSN and SBC. As a development studio it is especially known for the online strategy game PoxNora.

The company was acquired by FUN Technologies Inc. through the subsidiary SkillJam in January 2006, but Octopi announced to have bought back all assets in July 2008.

On 16th January 2009 it was announced Sony Online Entertainment Inc. had acquired the PoxNora game along with the development team of Octopi. As part of the acquisition, members of the Octopi development formed the core of SOE’s new Tucson studio, focusing on the continuing support of PoxNora as well as working with SOE’s Denver studio on new trading card and strategy game projects.

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