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Omnitrend Software, Inc.


Omnitrend Software, Inc. was founded by Thomas R. Carbone in 1979 and is a privately held business software company that branched out into computer game development during the 1980s. The company developed the three-game Universe series, Paladin, the Breach games, and two Rules of Engagement games.

The company left the field of game development in 1993. Today functions as a developer of communications software with wireless messaging is a cornerstone to most of its product lines, including the PageMasterā„¢ and ServScanā„¢ series.


In an e-mail I r'cd from Maurice Molyneaux (an artist who did some work on a few Omnitrend titles), he stated the following, "Omnitrend began doing corporate software and later got into games as well. Eventually, given changes in the industry and the failure of several products due to publisher mishandling, Omnitrend abandoned games, and went back to the business sector, where it remains successful."

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