Opera Soft S.A.


Spanish company founded in 1986, and which closed in 1992. It was part of what was known as The Golden Era Of Spanish Software, along with other companies like Zigurat, Topo Soft and Dinamic. While its first work was the Commodore 64 version of Camelot Warriors, its first original game was Livingstone, I Presume?, which brought the company wider success.

The was followed by other games like the sequel Livingstone II, Mutant Zone, Goody and perhaps its most popular game, La Abadía Del Crímen (based on The Name Of The Rose - the movie was made the previous year) made Opera Soft a major staple among Spanish game makers.

The company split its releases into two labels: Opera Sports for sport-related games and simulations, and Opera Plus for the rest. However like other companies of the end of the '80s, they didn't survive the generational change nor the transition to 16-bit platforms, and the company closed in 1992 after the release of La Colmena (The Beehive).

Some former members of Opera Soft founded Comix, and also one of them was in charge of Exelweiss Entertainment, where they made the sequels Goody Returns and Livingstone, Lost Again.

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