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This developer has been split off from Paradox Interactive, who are now a pure game publisher. Paradox Development Studio is known for making grand strategy history games of a rather complex type. Known figurehead is Johan Andersson, who joined the company when it was still called Target Games, in 1998.

Paradox Development Studio has been a developer of PC-focused strategy games since 1995. Paradox Development Studio is the developers behind franchises such as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Victoria, Crusader Kings, Svea Rike & Sengoku. Paradox Development Studio has gone through several transformations. The company started as Target Games in the 80's, focusing on role-playing games. In 1999 the company was split into two separate entities. One called Paradox Entertainment that took care of the boardgames and role-playing game parts, and Paradox Interactive that continued on with pc games instead. Paradox Interactive was a pure developer from the start, but gravitated towards self-publishing until they were in such a place that they could publish games from other studios as well. Once that really started to grow, the company was split once again. Since January 2012 Paradox Interactive is the game publisher and Paradox Development Studio that focus on game development.

Also Known As

  • Target Games Interactive AB (from 1997 to 1999)
  • Paradox Entertainment AB (from 1999 to 2004) -- During this period they were still doing board games.
  • Paradox Interactive AB (from 2004 to Jan 01, 2012) -- During this period the company who would become Paradox Development Studio was an internal part of Paradox Interactive, publisher/developer. PI is now just a publisher and PDS a pure developer.


Cities: Skylines(2017)
Hearts of Iron IV(2016)
Hearts of Iron: War Stories(2016)
Hearts of Iron(2015)
Europa Universalis IV(2013)
Europa Universalis IV: Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack(2013)
Victoria II: Heart of Darkness(2013)
March of the Eagles(2013)
Hearts of Iron III: Japanese Vehicle Spritepack(2012)
Crusader Kings II(2012)
Victoria II: A House Divided(2012)
Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter(2011)
Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland(2011)
Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi(2010)
Silent Heroes: Elite Troops of WWII(2008)


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