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Philips Interactive Media, Inc.


An American subsidiary of Philips Media, specializing in publishing multimedia games.


Lost Ride, The(1998)
Brain Dead 13(1997)
Ultra CD-i Soccer(1997)
Whack a Bubble(1997)
Down in the Dumps(1997)
Jan Pienkowski Haunted House(1997)
Surface Tension(1996)
Voyeur II(1996)
Kingdom II: Shadoan(1996)
Total Control Football(1996)
Drug Wars(1996)
Arcade Classics(1996)
Crime Patrol(1996)
Alien Incident(1996)
Last Bounty Hunter, The(1996)
Q.A.D: Quintessential Art of Destruction(1996)
Do you remember the '60s?(1996)
Improv Presents: Don't Quit Your Day Job, The(1996)
Art of Fly Fishing: Volume One - Rivers of the British Isles, The(1996)
FX Fighter(1995)
Kingdom: The Far Reaches(1995)
Crayon Factory, The(1995)
NFL Football Trivia Challenge '94-'95 Edition(1995)
Stickybear: Family Fun - Games(1995)
Who Shot Johnny Rock?(1995)
Zelda's Adventure(1995)
NFL Instant Replay(1995)
Labyrinth of Crete(1995)
Alien Odyssey(1995)
Chaos Control(1995)
Xplora 1: Peter Gabriel's Secret World (1995)
Thunder in Paradise Interactive(1995)
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold(1995)
Family Games I(1995)
Merlin's Apprentice(1995)
Astérix: Caesar's Challenge(1995)
Dame Was Loaded, The(1995)
Micro Machines(1995)
Fighter Duel(1995)
Dragon's Lair(1994)
Flashback: The Quest for Identity(1994)
Hotel Mario(1994)

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Address in August 1996:

Philips Media Inc.
10960 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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