Picmatic, S.A.


In 1984, fruit of a work idea, begins to be outlined the possibility of creating a company dedicated to the world of the leisure and entertainment. Thus, on November of that year, the Gallardo brothers and Mr. Sanz found and construct the commercial organization known in this sector as PICMATIC, SA.

PICMATIC is a company that includes manifold activities, in diverse sectors of the Spanish and international market, as: Manufacture of Arcade machines, development of computer and multimedia applications, graphical design and systems of communication.

[Source: www.picmatic.es (translated)]


Multi Action(1997)
Los Justicieros(1993)


Contact information:

PICMATIC S.A. C/ Larrondo 3 Loiu 48180, Bizkaia Spain

Phone: +34 4 453 63 63 Fax: +34 4 453 14 42

Info e-mail: [email protected]

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