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Pole To Win Europe Glasgow, Ltd.


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Also Known As

  • e4e Business Solutions Europe Limited (from Dec, 2009 to Oct, 2012)
  • Absolute Quality (Europe) Ltd (from Aug, 1999 to Dec, 2009)


Company location and contact information (ca 2005):

Absolute Quality (Europe) Ltd
Testing Division
9th Floor
Skypark 1
8 Elliot Place
Glasgow G3 8EP
Scotland, United Kingdom
Main: 44 (0) 141-220-5600
Fax: 44 (0) 141-220-5601
Website: http://www.absolutequality.co.uk

Absolute Quality (Europe) Ltd
Localization Division
Jahnstr. 10
82269 Geltendorf, M√ľnchen
Main: 49 (0) 8195-9989432
Fax: 49 (0) 8195-9989433
Website: http://www.absolutequality.co.uk

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