Psygnosis Limited

Historical Events



    • Psygnosis was acquired by Sony


    • The launch of the first US development studio based in San Francisco.

    Jan 01, 1997:

    • The company had eight development studios world wide (San Francisco, U.S.A; Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Stroud, London (2 studios), UK; and Paris, France) and over 700 employees.


    • Eidos Interactive bought Psygnosis' European operations. Psygnosis' US operations were folded into Sony's own development outfit, 989 Studios


    • Psygnosis (as a Sony brand) abandoned the PC game market for good

    May 13, 2000:

    • Midway announced that it had secured the North American publishing rights to Psygnosis' remaining PlayStation lineup (no PlayStation2 titles were involved in the deal). Amazing but true, Midway published upward of seven Psygnosis games that year on PS.
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