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Psygnosis Limited


Their official homepage used to be at http://www.psygnosis.com/

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Location and contact info in 1997:

Psygnosis Ltd.
Napier Court
Wavertree Technology Park, Liverpool L13 1HD
United Kingdom
Tel: 0151 282 3000

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Locations & contact information in Dec. 1994:

Psygnosis Ltd.
South Harrington Building
Sefton Street
Liverpool, L3 4BQ, England
Tel: +44-(0)51-707-2333

Psygnosis USA
675 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel: 617-497-7794 / 800-438-7794

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The company logo was designed by contemporary artist Roger Dean, particularly known for his album covers for the bands "Yes" and "Asia".

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