Rare, Ltd.

Historical Events


    • Tim and Chris Stamper establish the prelude to Rare, Ultimate - Play The Game, a trading name for Ashby Computers and Graphics.



    • The Stampers set up Rare as a specialised subdivision of Nintendo, while the Ultimate - Play The Game distribution rights are sold to U.S. Gold.


    • Rare's first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) title, Slalom, is released.


    • Develops a new software development technology, converting hi-res workstation graphics to the Super NES. The result is Donkey Kong Country.


    • Nintendo buys a 25% share of Rare, the first fiscal partnership Nintendo had ever undertaken with a company outside of Japan, thanks mainly to the success of Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct.
    • Releases Killer Instinct, one of two titles to use an early form of the Nintendo 64 hardware (then called the Ultra 64), to arcades.


    Sep 24, 2002:

    • Rare's long standing relationship with Nintendo ends as they are bought out by Microsoft. All of Rare's future GameCube titles, except for Star Fox Adventures, are now exclusive titles for the Xbox console system.

    Jan, 2007:

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