Real Networks, Inc.


RealNetworks provides the universal platform for the delivery of any digital media from any point of origin across virtually any network to any person on any Internet-enabled device anywhere in the world.

Who We Are

In 1995, RealNetworks pioneered the entire Internet media industry, and continue to fuel its exponential growth.

Because the Internet was built to handle text-based information, not audio and video and other rich media, RealNetworks foresaw the need for specific solutions that could handle the creation, delivery and consumption of media via the Internet.

Today, hundreds of millions of unique individuals throughout the world take advantage of RealNetworks world-class media creation, delivery and playback technology.

What We Offer

RealNetworks develops end-to-end solutions that allow everyone — from Fortune 500 companies with locations worldwide to individuals at their desktops or other Internet-enabled devices — to create, send and receive audio, video and other multimedia services over the Internet.

With the introduction of the Helix Initiative and the Helix Servers and Helix Producer product families from RealNetworks, we continue to lead the way in delivering the highest quality Internet media experience delivering any media format, from any point of origin, across any network transport, running any OS to any person on any Internet-enabled device anywhere in the world.

Right here, right now, RealNetworks is the only company that can make and keep such a promise.

Source: Selected articles from RealNetworks Official Website - Company

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