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Ronimo Games (short for Robot Ninja Monkeys) is a development company founded by the original creators of de Blob in October 2007. Previously they used the name Banana Games as a team name. The studio became a Nintendo licensed developer in spring 2008 and released its first game, Swords and Soldiers in May 2009.


Awesomenauts: The Ringmaster (2017)
Awesomenauts: Soulhuntress Raelynn(2017)
Swords & Soldiers II(2015)
Awesomenauts: Loninator Skin(2014)
Awesomenauts: Wildlife Announcer(2014)
Awesomenauts: Coco Announcer(2014)
Awesomenauts: Wraithlord Scoop(2014)
Awesomenauts: Jotunn Skølldir(2014)
Awesomenauts: Grim Genji(2014)
Awesomenauts: Leon Legionnaire(2014)
Awesomenauts: Skreeletor(2014)
Awesomenauts: Giga Sentorii(2014)
Awesomenauts: Desperado Penny(2014)
Awesomenauts: Cynical Vinnie(2014)
Awesomenauts: Cheerleader Penny(2014)
Awesomenauts Assemble!(2014)
Awesomenauts: S.U.S.I Announcer(2014)
Awesomenauts: Party Boy McPain(2013)
Awesomenauts: Titanium Ted(2013)
Awesomenauts: Private Mels(2013)
Awesomenauts: Ahrpl(2013)
Awesomenauts: Digital G(2013)
Awesomenauts: Abyssal Swiggins(2013)
Awesomenauts: Admiral Swiggins PHD(2013)
Awesomenauts: Gnabot(2013)
Awesomenauts: Collector's Edition(2013)
Awesomenauts: Teddy Ayla(2013)
Awesomenauts: Shaolin Ayla(2013)
Awesomenauts: Pirate Leon(2013)
Awesomenauts: Genji the Grey(2013)
Awesomenauts: Demon Skølldir(2013)
Awesomenauts: Coco McFly(2013)
Awesomenauts: Bionic Raelynn(2013)
Awesomenauts: Kage Genji(2013)
Awesomenauts: Double-O Yuri(2013)
Awesomenauts: Pimpy G(2013)
Awesomenauts: Cap'n Vinnie & Seadog Spike(2012)
Awesomenauts: Ravishing Raelynn(2012)
Awesomenauts: Coco Hawaii(2012)
Awesomenauts: Expendable Clunk(2012)
Awesomenauts: Disco Voltar(2012)
Awesomenauts: Bumble Gnaw(2012)
Awesomenauts: Kosmonaut Yuri(2012)
Awesomenauts: Hotrod Derpl(2012)
Awesomenauts: Grandmaster Splash(2012)
Awesomenauts: Officer Lonestar(2012)
Awesomenauts: Mousquetaire Leon(2012)
Awesomenauts: Costume Party(2012)
Swords & Soldiers(2009)


Contact information (May 2009)

Ronimo Games
Vinkenburgstraat 19 bis
PO Box 81
3500 AB Utrecht
The Netherlands

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