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Saffire Corporation


Saffire Corporation, headquartered in American Fork, Utah, is a game development studio founded originally as Cygnus Multimedia by Les Pardew in the early 90's. It was started in Pardew's basement and had six employees in the initial stage.

In 1994, it changed its name to Saffire and was later headed up by Hal Rushton, previously a Vice President at Sculptured Software.

The studio's last console title was Thunderbirds (2004). It subsequently focused on mobile games and released Bop It and No Brainer on the Verizon Network. The company is still active but now no longer involved in releasing video games.

Employees of Saffire eventually ended up at Sensory Sweep Studios (founded by Dave Rushton, Hal Rushton's brother), NinjaBee, Wahoo Studios, and Avalanche Software LLC.

Also Known As

  • Cygnus Multimedia -- Company name until 1994


The company website was formerly located at

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